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Bookmark Manager Linkman Tutorial

Demonstration of the installation process and user interface of the Windows Bookmark Manager Linkman. You can get Linkman at
Astfresser : nice features, but too complicated. aint nobody got time for that!
Binary Code : Just downloaded it today. Exactly what I was looking for. Have about 30000 bookmarks in Chrome and Firefox and it's becoming hard to find the right one. Also Firefox is slowing down like hell.
Dan French : WOW -how ,any times switching between browsers an get the links updatet in all - as a webdeveloper witm more than 30+ webs, that is a hard work to do! searching for years for exactly this kind o program and after e few minute in the trial version of linkman i 'must' get the license - just the best i have ever seen.
in the beginning it looks like overhelmed with features... but it does his job. just show this tutorial, stop it to make the same clicks in your programm and you will see after a little while you wouldn't miss it!
have fun!
and - i don't work for outertech, i'm located in switzerland and i'm a webdevoloper specialized in handicaped webs
Pandamasque : MAJOR problem here. All non-latin characters appear as "????" both in interface (when I switch language) and, crucially, in bookmark names, which renders linkman useless.
I used Linkman Lite under Win7, no problem. Now I've built a brand new PC under Win10 and installed Linkman (latest) again. At first I thought it was an encoding problem with my saved LMD file, so I thought I could manually fix all the bookmarks. But turns out, when I start a new database from scratch Linkman creates new bookmarks that way (with question marks for Cyrillic chars). And then I found that even in its own interface if I switch to Russian or say Korean it goes all "????".
Xeno Idaltu : Best bookmark manager ever!!

I'm currently organizing my bookmarks by genre. I had so many duplicates and http that needed to be fixed into https!

This program is a treasure! If only it were made for Linux..

1000 MODI PER MORIRE - episodio 4 (st.4)

Buona visione!
Tag: streaming, dmax, serie tv, completo italiano, 1000 modi per, 1000 ways to, stagione 1, stagione 2, 3, 4, stagione, episodio, ita, gratis, funny, divertente
Giovanni Savella : il miglior programma della storia
Pig_ Menta : Si ma se sono tutti stupidi ci credo che muoiono
Style Cat : Ma io mi immagino Gertrude che si sveglia
ルカミクル : Comunque la storia del dittatore è troppo demenziale
missing kittens : WE MA CHE CAZ-

1000 MODI PER MORIRE - episodio 3 (st.3)

Buona visione!
Tag: streaming, dmax, serie tv, completo italiano, 1000 modi per, ways to, funny, divertente
filippo gai : Dutch in verità è morto di Coronavirus. Quello dell'ultimo anno è una variante differente
Ginevra Vittoria : Ma commenta come se non fosse successo nulla
ratto-incazzato_ : Coronavirus
filippo gai : 16:48 ditelo ad un tedesco o ad un giapponese e vi spara in faccia
Cherane Fule : Si siete colonialisti schifosi che fanno propagande fake 1000 modi per morire?
Con gli americano un milione con le leggi capitaliste 100 milioni




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